Stephanie Marie McKinley
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I am a freelance writer covering entertainment, lifestyle, and more. I love nothing more than when someone’s life is improved by a book, product, or habit that I have recommended.

what i’ve written

  • The Everygirl

    10 LGBTQ+ YA Books That Helped Me Define My Sexuality—As an Adult

  • The Everygirl

    5 Reading Hacks That Will Actually Make You Read More

  • YARN: The Young Adult Review Network

    Does YA Need Romance?


my experience

Laptop, Design Book

2.5 Years of Experience as a Contributing Entertainment Writer with The Everygirl (Plus More Bylines Through the Years)

Books, Planner, Pen

5 Years of Experience in Publishing at Penguin Random House and Macmillan

Planner, Mug, Books

Bachelor of Arts in English: Literature and English: Language Arts with a Business Minor

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